Many have the skill but not the will

Many have the skill but not the will to succeed. That is something I have observed over my years of building businesses.  I've met so many people that were much more skilled than me but it seems that something is missing. Many don't seem to have the will to keep going when things get tough as they always will when you are building a business or chasing a dream.  I look at them and think, "you are so talented and so much smarter than I am. There is no reason you can't succeed."

One of my favorite quotes of Winston Churchill is, “Success is not final...Failure is not's the courage to continue that counts”. There are three things that will help you continue when you feel like giving up.

Believe in yourself.  Over the years I've talked to and observed many people and I've come to realize that a great majority of them have a poor self image of themselves.  They don't believe they can succeed. I haven't seen statistics on low self-esteem but with the way image is portrayed in movies, television and advertising, I would say there is a high rate of low self-esteem in teenagers today. In my teenage and early adult years I was very shy and insecure, but I started reading books about developing a positive self image. I was around people who encouraged and believed in me. I started to believe that God made me just the way He wanted and I had something to offer the world.  Because of those things I started to believe in myself. To dream bigger and believe that I could have more in life than I had up to that point. Start today believing that you are special.  There is no one else like you in the world and you can be successful. You have something unique to offer to the world. You can have and be more than you have been. It will take work and a desire to grow but you can do it.

Eliminate the negative. Start eliminating the negative in your life. It may be negative self talk that you've been feeding yourself for years.  Maybe your parents, a teacher, a boss or someone close to you told you that you would never amount to anything. You are not smart enough. Not pretty enough. Don't come from the right family or neighborhood to be successful. That's all garbage! There are stories after stories of people who overcame great odds to be successful in life. Don't allow yourself to believe all of the garbage that you've been force fed.  You've been talking to yourself anyway so now it's time to start telling yourself you are smart. You do have what it takes to be successful.  They did it, why can't I? It may require you limiting some people's influence in your life. You can't eliminate your family from your life but you can limit what you allow them to speak into your life. As Zig Ziglar always said, "garbage in, garbage out."  Don't let the garbage in!

Invest in yourself. You have to invest in yourself. Many people spend thousands of dollars on a college education and then stop learning.  They get a job, settle into life and never invest in themselves again. Nothing in life stays the same.  As Lou Holtz says, “In this world you're either growing or you're dying so get in motion and grow.” I've read several articles about how college graduates today must think like entrepreneurs and be constantly investing in themselves. Learning new skills and networking. I think that is so true. The world is changing so fast and you have to be constantly growing to prepare yourself for opportunities when they arrive.  The way you do this is by reading books.  I've written about this before but leaders are readers. I am constantly reading something and have many more books waiting for me to read when I finish the one I'm on. I read something that said the average CEO reads four to five books a month.  Some other ways you can grow is by attending seminars, workshops, simulcasts and online courses. With the Internet and digital books so easily accessible now, there is no excuse for anyone to not be investing in themselves. If money is tight you can go to your local library and use a computer or get books to read.

I don't have the secret formula for success but I do know these things have helped me over the years to improve my life and achieve a level of success. I've by no means arrived. I'm just getting started.  Every time I read a book I realize how much I don't know and that makes me want to read another and another. No matter where you are at today, the key is to just start! Today really is the the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count and develop your drive to thrive.